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How does this work?

If you’re excited to grow in your walk with Jesus and start taking steps to share your faith on campus, becoming a Campus Rep is a great next step. We’ll help you Rep Jesus with your friends, Rep your school in the statewide InterVarsity movement, and Rep InterVarsity on your campus. Help us connect all 38 campuses in Louisiana!

Statewide Study

Be an involved member of our weekly statewide Bible study. Participate in the discussions and bring friends!

Online Course

There are 12 modules to choose from that will help you take first steps into mission deepening spiritual practices in your daily life. We ask reps to complete at least 5.

Get Coaching

When you finish a module in the online course, you’ll have the opportunity for one-on-one coaching calls with InterVarsity staff!

Rep Gatherings

Once a month, all the Campus Reps will gather for a Zoom call where you’ll get training to help you grow!

Choose 5 Badges to Earn

When you complete a course module and the associated challenge activity, you’ll get a badge. Once you’ve earned 5 badges and had at least 2 coaching calls with a staff you’ll become an official Campus Rep and we’ll send you the Swag Bag! Finish all 12 and there’s a special prize waiting for you!

What's the vision of InterVarsity?

How do I learn how to pray well?

How do I think about my ethnicity?

How do I set good rhythms for my life?

How do I share the gospel?

How do I make a great invite to Bible Study?

How do I read the Bible for myself?

How do I engage my network of friends?

How do I share my testimony?

How to I overcome the fear of talking about my faith?

How do I pursue emotional healing with Jesus?

How do I gather friends to encounter Jesus?


What Students are Saying

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Ready to become a Campus Rep?

Just fill our our quick application! Once you submit it, you'll be prompted to schedule a 30 min Vision Call with our Director, Beau, on Zoom!

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